Reasons why its important to plant trees in Israel:

1. Planting trees in Israel is a great way to support the economy of the only true democracy in Israel and the U.S. needs that friendship in an area with such turmoil.
2. Honoring a departed loved one with a tree planting is a great way to share the soul of the honoree with the roots of Israel.
3. Trees improve general air quality and the environment
4. Bar or Bat Mitzvah Gift
5. Chanukah Gift
6. A Commemoration on Tu'Bshvat - Israeli Arbor Day
7. Great wedding gift for environmentalists getting married
8. A peace offering in the Middle East
9. Rosh Hashanah gift for the time when you must say: Next year in Israel
10. Passover Card for relatives in a different state (we mail it to them)
11. A promotional item for your office or business to show that you care.  The certificate looks great in a frame.  12. Impress your clients by planting 100 trees or a whole forest
13. A charitable gift for a new romantic interest
14. A way of saying Thank you to the Rabbi & Rebbitzen for having you over for shabbat dinner
15. Sukkot is all about trees and it makes a great gift to give in the hut.
16. Birthday Tree for the person with the epitome of already having everything
17. Business Gift for a Republican or other strong supporter of Israeli culture
18. Mimouna Gift for certain Sephardic & Persian Jews
19. To honor your favorite musician
20. No reason at all.  Its just a great thing to do.  A MITZVAH!!