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Jay Shapiro for President of the United States
2011 is here and Jay Shapiro is putting together an exploratory committee for the independent party presidential bid 2012.  Jay Shapiro is an accountant and olive oil importer residing in South Florida.  Some of the platform information is located below from the 2008 election yet alot has changed since then and Jay Shapiro's viewpoints and platform has evolved and improved.  Feel free to scroll down and view the old platform and keep in mind that 2012 presidential ideas will be posted here soon.  If guys like Tim Pawlenty from Minnesota and Donald Trump from New York can do it then Jay Shapiro should be able to cinche the election in a snap! 
Jay Shapiro for U.S. President
The Olive Oil King Plans to become: The Olive Oil President.

America Needs an Olive Branch now more than ever!!!

America is in need of a miracle to get along globally and if I win the U.S. Presidency I will extend that olive branch to every foreign country so that every U.S. citizen can go to work each day and not be in fear of terrorism and global mishaps within our own borders. 

Jay Shapiro on the issues:

Unemployment:  I am about to contact Microsoft engineers so that they can help me design a software program that can not only monitor unemployment in real time as it happens but give employers a leg up in reducing it.  Employers will be able to log on to the system and draft up to 10,000. employees in one day back into the labor market.  If the employee refuses to accept the job he or she will not reap unemployment benefits any longer. There will be laws making the system more than just. For example a job offer must offer a rate of pay comparable to that of the previously held job or be industry competitive and the job offer must match basic work experience, education and type of labor with that of the prospective laborors background. There are two exciting facets of the forced hiring software concept. 1.) It prevents abuse of the unemployment system. 2.) The employer will be able to watch on screen with the click of the button the effect that he or she just made on the U.S. economy. For example the computer would display: "CONGRATULATIONS YOU HAVE JUST HELPED BY LOWERING THE UNEMPLOYMENT FROM 4.597 TO 4.563.  AN IMPROVMENT OF 6300 NEW JOBS IN THE MANUFACTURING SECTOR. THIS WILL BE ON THE PRESIDENTS DESK AND YOU WILL BE INVITED FOR LUNCH AT THE WHITE HOUSE. PLEASE VISIT US-EMPLOY-SOFT OFTEN AS IT IS GENEROUS EMPLOYERS LIKE YOU WHO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.  I beleive we can keep unemployment under 3.5% with this software.  Not everyone is going to like it but it is needed.

War on Terrorism: There is a time for war and a time for peace. I would like to think that the time for peace will become permanent but when war does happen we need to hit first, hit hard and don't stop hitting just because of global pressure for a cease fire.  Defeat the enemy completely until the evil inclination is totally beat out of the soul of the enemy. Then we hold out a helping hand and tell them to stand up and ask them if they are willing to respect our right to exist and to play by the rules of democracy. If so we make them an ally and let them live. Subsequently corruption in the White House needs to be eliminated. Business people willing to wage war for oil will be thrown out and ethical citizens willing to wage peace for olive oil will be the obvious replacement for those bastards.  Cultural Diversity Training, International Business Ethics, Global Responsibility and Taking care of our own first and not getting involved in the business of every country in the world.  We are spread way too thin to keep being the global police.  My administration will be focused on efficiency and effectiveness as opposed to big lobby money and bureaucracy. My administration will be focused on values and creative concepts as opposed to accomplishments and big egos. Its a paradigm shift that all Americans need. We need to suck up our fat MacDonald's guts and make a change for the better. Starting internally with the diet and ending globally with the olive branch extended outward as a result of a healthier diet, a more efficient and streamlined goverment and the cutting of any goverment fat that only reeks of Pork Belly Economics. I will bring a fresh approach to the White House.

Gay Marriage: I think that people generally get married because they plan to raise a family. Morally it seems strange to me but I have a cousin who is gay and he is one of the nicest people you could ever meet. It is going to be legal in the future regardless based on DEMOCRACY. My administration needs to focus a budget on terrorism and other areas so we will keep this short. I have a solution that will not only streamline the budget but add to it. We legalize gay marriage in Las Vegas and impose a small federal marriage tax (on all marriages) in Las Vegas marriages. This will syphon in more revenues for the federal government and increase the tourism business in Las Vegas and give a small boost to the airlines industry. This is my: Your married to our economy solution. It cuts red tape, increases revenues and tax base and allows for added Democracy for all Americans.

Israel:  I consider Israel to be like a 53rd state with its own federal government. In the country of Israel any person from any country in the world can go there and live there and pray there. Someone from Egypt or Lebanon can walk right into Israel and start praying as a Jew, as a Christian, as a Hindu or as a Muslim. On the other side of the coin many times a person who is not of the Muslim religion cannot even enter certain countries let along pray there and run for politial office.  Israel is a country of success. Intelligence, Democracy, Religious Freedom and Equal Rights for All.  Many Americans have good intentions when they side with someone who appears to be the small guy, the poor guy, or someone who appears to be repressed. Israel is the oppressed country. They are oppressed by their neighbors based on jealousy of the success that this tiny democratic state has had. If you are a small town American and you think of Israel as a snob in a Rolls Royce holding out a jar of Grey Poupon; don't poop on me again!!!  Support Israel, educate yourself and support the winning team and the democratic team. When I went to school we learned the three R's. Readin, Rittin, & Rithmatic. During my administration we will go back to that and add one more class to the American school system and it will be called: Democracy. Democracy 101 will be a requirement for high school graduation. Israel = Democracy and we support democracy.

Taxation: I have a simple and conservative solution that will streamline processes and provide ample opportunity for all. My proposal is titled: The Superior Hybrid Tax Solution. The superior hybrid solution incorporates the best of the best taxation proposals out there yet it does it in a conservative and paced manner. I propose that we meld a flat tax with a national sales tax. The national sales tax obviously has the best overall potential for the common taxpayer and the flat tax is a close second. My proposal is to start off with a small flat tax and a national sales tax. This will make it so that taxpayers will pay almost no income taxes yet IRS revenues will remain static. Assuming that glitches have not been found in the national sales tax solution I would propose a complete transition to national sales tax and an elimination of the federal income tax but not until late 2010 and not without a clause allowing the IRS to return to taxation assuming acts of G-d or some sort of unforseen failure in the new system. 

War on Drugs / Legalization:  I am both pro war on drugs and pro-legalization.  The war on drugs does not need to be a war against a small farming country. The war on drugs does not need to be a war on the rights of our own citizens.  The war on drugs needs to be fought from a positive stance and a stance that promotes rehabilitation not imprisonment, empowerment and not oppression. Would common sense not dictate that if you oppress a drug user by taking away his or her rights to find a job or even to live freely that the user would end up using more?  My fellow citizens I urge you to examine the way you vote, the way you think and the way you view society.  The war on drugs starts first with yourself, then with the family, then with local government and eventually overseas if it gets to that but the war my friends is not a war against them, its a war for them. There is little or no medical evidence of long term ill effects from sustained moderate consumption of G-d's natural herbs i.e. Cocaine and Marijuana. These herbs have been used in large quantities and apart from overdosage problems certainly would have shown up in clinical practive or on the autopsy table but they have not. Don't let yourself be ripped off by a non-democratic governement and refuse to pay to put your cousin John in jail for a crime that should be a non-crime. More than 50% of Americans want pot legalized. Vote Shapiro!!!