Rejewvenation Judaism - Rabbi Jay Shapiro
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Finally, a simple, clean and HONEST Religion for people who are not that religious or rather more spiritual than religious!


Q.)What is Rejewvenation Judaism?

A.) Rejewvenation is a simple clean religious movement based on the good morals of Judaism yet minus the idolotry of snobbery and tribalism and minus the idolotry of rabbi worship. We accept everyone. We cut out the middle man and pray directly to G'd. We convert nobody and we allow nobody to convert us to any religious domga or cult B.S.

Q.)Who can join the Rejew'veNation Movement?

A.)Anyone who has ancestors who were Jewish and wants to reclaim the benefits of true, honest and good spirituality or anyone who does not come from a Jewish background and feels a true heretic desire to cut out the middle man, stop worshipping idols and pray with us directly to G'd.

The Basics:



10 Commandments +

Healthy Mediterranean Diet

Charitable Actions