Olive Oil from Israel
IsRoil is the tastiest gourmet gift to come out of Israel.

Olive Oil from Israel is:  Extra Virgin, Kosher, & Hand Picked on a Kibbutz.

IsRoil gourmet olive oil is made from organically grown olives in the heart of the Holyland. This extra virgin olive oil is picked and bottled by hand to ensure the finest quality. It is produced using the cold "Royal" process which permits slow extraction of the oil thus retaining the best part of the olives. This gentle filtered oil is well rounded with a tangy fruity taste exuding mild peppery undertones. Tangy and slightly grassy yet smooth in flavor, with a very low acid content. IsRoil is the finest kosher olive oil on the market to date. Our product is an Israeli blend combining the best extra virgin olive oils from Jewish sources in Israel.  This special blend was made possible by the craftmanship of a small kibbutz, a private estate, and a major vinyard working together to produce what we feel will put Israel on the world olive oil and gourmet food map. IsRoil plans to do a public offering soon and start selling in grocery stores in the U.S. Until then, support us by ordering a case online for delivery to your doorstep and feel free to share this site with your friends and family.

What are people saying about IsRoil Olive Oil?

"Quite pleasant, delicate with a nice finish"

Betty Pustarfi - Olive Oil Expert  from California.

"It was very good" 

Chef -  Jeffrey Nathan.  New York City, NY.

"IsRoil Olive Oil is-raeli great"
  Actor - Adam Shapiro.  Hollywood, CA.

"That was the best olive oil I have ever tasted, I will be ordering more" 

Herman Kanter. Overland Park, Kansas 

"Its a good olive oil and its mild enough. I liked it"

Beryl & Judy Rosenberg.  Leawood, Kansas

Israeli Gold GMO FREE
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Why does olive oil from Israel cost more than Italian olive oil?

We are very fortunate to  have a limited supply of gourmet Israeli olive oil in the U.S. When IsRoil entered the American market in 2001 Israel produced only 5000 tons of extra-virgin olive oil per year  yet consumed close to 6000 tons which meant that 1000 tons had to be imported into the country just to supply its demand for olive oil. Five years later Israel is now producing 13,000. tons of olive oil. We at IsRoil were able to obtain a limited supply of genuine Israeli olive oil for the U.S. olive oil market. A good comparison example to illustrate the supply and demand ratio would be that of the Cuban cigar. The Cuban cigar is world renowned for its quality and auspicious nature and what many cigar aficionados also know is that many of the cigars sold in Cuba are oftentimes insufficiently produced to meet demand. Israel is in a very similar situation.  Israeli planners are working to meet demand by planting more trees and modernizing processing techniques while still maintaining a strong level of quality control over her national olive oil.

Lord spoke to Moshe, saying, Command the children of Yisra'el, that they bring to thee pure olive oil.

More than any other food product, the olive symbolizes the continuity of the Jewish people. The gnarled barks of the ancient olive trees on Israel's terraced hillsides seem to share a wisdom accumulated from witnessing centuries of human history. In ancient times, Israeli olive oil was used to cook, to light lamps, to lubricate, to heal,  as soap/skin conditioner, a monetary symbol of trade, a religious gifts item, and to annoint kings and priests in religious ceremonies. Today, the olive remains a popular food and its golden oil is a coveted commodity. Moreover, olive oil has become more popular as a health food since the discovery that it lowers cholesterol and helps to prevent cancer. (Isroil contains no cholesterol or transfatty acids.) With petroleum prices high olive oil is actually being investigated as a biofuel alternative to gasoline.  On a more exciting note olive oil has been listed as one of many sexual aphrodisiacs as it was blessed with vitamin E and that could be the aphrodisiacal sex enhancing component.  In ancient Greece where the Olympics originated the winner of each  Olympic event received an olive branch rather than a gold medal in recognition. The olive branch endures to this day as a symbol of universal peace and harmony. In the Torah  the  dove brought an olive leaf to Noah on the Ark as a sign that the great deluge was over. It also appears in the right claw of the bald eagle and on the great seal of the United States. Finally, a gold plated olive branch was left on the moon by Neil Armstrong on July 29, 1969 as a symbol of universal peace.  The branch of the olive tree still persists as the everlasting peace symbol.

The Israelis a.k.a "ancient Hebrews" were the FIRST in the olive oil business and the evidence is in the bible from Genesis to Chronicles.

The ancient Israeli Hebrews were the first in the olive oil business. The worlds oldest known olive tree is estimated at 2200 years of age. Some legendary olive facts are as follows: The word Messiah (Moshiach in Hebrew) means annointed in Israeli olive oil. History has it that the original annointing oil from the time of Moses (Moshe) is still preserved in an underground section of the holy temple. As Jews we are awaiting the Messiah so that we can annoint that person with Israeli Olive Oil and proclaim him the king or Israel.  Non-Jews believed that their leader did not need to be physically annointed with the olive oil and only needed to be annointed spiritually by G-d, as Jews we know that for someone to be the Messiah he must be annointed with olive oil; this disagreement in annointing affected history in a very profound manner. If the olive branch is a symbol of peace and the disagreement over annointing caused wars would it not make sense that olive oil with also be the cause of peace in the future? The first house of worship was written about in Bereshith (Genesis) and speaks of olive oil being poured upon a pillow or pillar of rocks and that area then being pronounced Betel. The holiday of Hanukkah or "Chanukah" celebrates the miracle of one bottle of Israeli olive oil lasting eight days instead of one. The holiday of T'Bsvat places the olive tree above the other plants and the Kaballah stems from the history of olive tree survival. There are hundreds of other writings in the torah that pertain to Israel and her olive oil. The next time you are in Eretz Israel be sure to say hello to the trees that have said hello to the world. These wise trees will not sleep until peace and a Mediterranean diet be with us.

The Jewish People have been compared to olives as they have yeilded their best product after having been pressed. How fitting considering that Jews invented olive oil.
Some olive trees may be over 2000 years old.

Enjoy the flavors from ancient olive trees after cold pressing.

King Solomon and King David placed great importance on the cultivation of olive trees; King David  had guards watching over the olive groves and warehouses, ensuring the safety of the trees and their coveted olive oil. Olive trees are native to the holyland as they were meant to grow there. While some countries use high-tech methods and even importation and repackaging for export under the glamour endowed by that country, (i.e. Italy) Israel was always meant to grow high quality organic olives based on its climate and soil. The IsRoil olive oils are grown naturally and rushed to the press immediately to avoid oxidation and ferment. Our "Royal" cold pressing method ensures that the oil maintains its flavor, color, and nutritional value. To retain this flavor and prevent oxidation we use half-green tint, reuseable, designer, Marasca bottles, designed to protect the oils from oxidation while serving as the perfect centerpiece for any table, or salad-bar.

IsRoil selects only the best quality olives from Jewish sources that are native to eretz Israel.

The Yizrael Valley in Galilee, Israel, produces olive oil primarily from the Barnea, Nabali and Souri (Zuri) olive cultivars for a maximum annual yield of approximately 13,000 tons. The Barnea cultivar produces a sweet, lightly fruity olive oil with a suggestion of vegetal flavor and an aroma reminiscent of a harvester's cornucopia. The Nabali  produces a smooth and lightly textured olive oil that may be characterized as more neutral in flavor compared to the strong and distinctly flavored olive oils from other regions of the world. The Souri variety produces an olive oil with a distinctive honey and peppery flavor and an herbal aroma. The olive oil produced by this latter variety especially complements the veal, artichokes, and zucchini dishes of the region. For salads there could be none better than Israeli olive oil.