Some Interesting Reading About Israel & The Heavens Above (outerspace & satellites)

Many are unaware of the fact that Israel has there own version of NASA, its called: ISA or Israel Space Agency  סוכנות החלל בישראל

The  Israel Space Agency got its start in 1988 when it launched the first in a series of satellies called: Ofek.  The launcher was called: Shavit.  Launches have also been done by using Russian and South American launchers. The most recent satellite is the Ofek 9 spy satellite which is in space with five other Israeli satellites. Ofek 9 helps to protect Israel from countries like Iran and although Ofek 9 is not too much different than the other Israeli satellites it is equipt with much more advance camera's for spying purposes. The photos are relayed back to the IDF to aid in potential defensive measures.

 List of Satellites from Israel currently in orbit over the earth

Ofek  - Spy Satellites

Tech Sar - Observation Satellites

Sloshsat - Science Satellite for the study of gravity on fluids

Techsat - Research Satellite for Technion University

Amos - Communication Satellite for television and other broadcasting.