Information about Israeli Coffee:
Coffee has been in Israel for hundreds of years if not thousands!  Modern coffee culture in Israel is that which has alot in common with Turkey and the middle east in general.  The aroma of Cardamom and spices. Israeli coffee is brewed witha  couple different methods:

(1) The cooked version that is called “Kafe Turki”. or Cafe Turkey / Turkish Coffee

(2) The uncooked version that is called “Kafe Botz” (“mud coffee”).

The use of cardamom spice in both versions is very common.The people of the Middle East region are very fond of this aroma and taste. It is also known as “Jewish coffee” or “Israeli Turkish coffee” or “Arabic coffee”.

The original name of the coffee has changed from “Turkish” to “Israeli”. Political and marketing reasons are considered as the main reasons of that modification. Preparing Israeli coffee is proficiency. It is also seen as a natural tradition when working in “kibbutz”, whether you go out for camping or just serve in the army.


Kosher means “fit for eating/consumption”. These kinds of foods and drinks are described in Bible (Leviticus chapter). For the Jewish faith followers it is considered a very important aspect of their religion.

If a coffee brand is certified as kosher it means several things. Among those the two most important are the following.

    1. The first material as well as processing machinery or utensils used in the premises are according to Jewish Law.
    2. A Rabbi was present and observing the production.

Coffee beans are naturally kosher. Water is the only element they come in contact with. During the process to obtain the right flavor though might break the Jewish dietary laws. Packing and storage may also be a problem. Some non-kosher materials can modify the kosher status of coffee.