Ezer Modiin South Florida

The Modi’in Society Needs Your Help NOW!!! Ezer Modi’in is a volunteer charitable organization that operates in Hevel Modi’in, an area in central Israel, and works toward easing the numerous hardships being experienced by the inhabitants of this area.


 Since its foundation stone was laid in December 1993, the modern city of Modi’in has risen rapidly in the ancient homeland of the Maccabees, where the original Modi’in once stood. After centuries of desolation, this area is coming to life again. In 2006, around 60,000 people have already moved in to their new homes in this impressively built city, and they will continue to do so as more homes are completed. Terrorism and other security problems have deeply affected the local economy. Sadly, some families have suffered loss or serious injury. More of Modi’in’s residents are finding themselves out of work by the day due to cutbacks and closures. Today, there is high unemployment in the area, and the situation is deteriorating daily. Modi’in is not yet a large enough city to support specialized charitable organizations, so the weight of responsibility falls upon Ezer Modi’in, a group of dedicated volunteers who do their best to help residents in distress, whatever that distress may be. Some 500 families are currently being helped, and unfortunately, this figure is expected to grow monthly. The first inhabitants had moved into Modi’in in August 1996, among them a retired IDF Rabbi who soon saw that there were growing numbers of people with many different needs, welfare, medical, social, financial – modern Modi’in soon became a city like all other cities with problematic families needing help and support, and Rabbi David Segel set to work. Ezer Modi’in covers every possible need and uses a lot of imagination to solve problems. Aid is given to anyone in the Modi’in area who needs it, regardless of religious or political persuasion, social and welfare cases as well as those not recognised by the authorities. Ezer Modi’in works with the municipal services; all records of activities are available to the public. Among the regular services provided by Ezer Modi’in:

1. Hot meals for the elderly and sick, and for families living below the poverty line

2. Sandwiches for needy schoolchildren

3. Schoolbags, books, exercise books, and all other writing materials and equipment for needy schoolchildren.

4. Clothing, furniture, household items, electrical appliances, home cleaning supplies

5. Seasonal equipment – as necessary for Summer/Winter according to weather conditions

6. Medicines not included in the government ‘basket’

7. Carers and helpers for the handicapped and housebound.

8. Help for new mothers

9. Lending of medical devices and equipment for victims injured in terror attacks and road accidents

10. Various activities to prevent drug use

11. Help for battered women/single parents

Through this message, Ezer Modi’in thanks the thousands who have given of their time and resources, and the city’s needy thank you with all their hearts, and ask you to help us to continue with this necessary and important work.

Donations can be made by direct transfer to Ezer Modi’in’s bank account, Bank Leumi, Modi’in branch 680, account number 1199162, or by check direct to Rabbi Segel, at Ezer Modi’in: Address: POB 92, Caravan site near the Police Station, Modi’in 71700, Israel Telephone: 08-9701552

E-mail: ezermodi’in@bezeqint.net  Every contribution will be acknowledged with an official receipt.